Raxel Pulse Android framework
To always link to the most recent version, link to the RaxelStatistics Android framework with maven rather than downloading the framework itself.

Add Raxel maven repository to your module repositories section (i.e. <project>/app/build.gradle)
Your module build.gradle file
def raxelMavenRepo="https://mymavenrepo.com/repo/fSCXIHAoBMWBdlZGqq6n/"

repositories {
    maven { url raxelMavenRepo }
Add Raxel SDK dependency to your dependencies section
implementation ("com.raxel.statistics:sdk:0.8.2") 
You are ready to go!
These permission are required for Raxel SDK to work. So request them prior to start tracking.
Create new Settings object
Settings settings = new Settings()
Actually init SDK.
Tracking.initialize(getApplication(), settings);
Tracking.setDeviceID(getApplication(), "SOME-DEVICE-ID");
Tracking.setEnableSdk(getApplicationContext(), true); //enable sdk and start listening to user tracking events
SDK on/off
/** Simply call this method whenever you need to turn SDK on|off
/* Turning off will completely disabling SDK. i.e. all push notifications, GPS receivers and so on will be 
/* effectively removed or disabled
Tracking.setEnableSdk(Context context, boolean enable);
You are ready to go. Please use our Statistics SDK to retrieve tracking stats on mobile side