Raxel Statistics framework
Set up Your Development Environment
Using Cocoapods
To always link to the most recent version, link to the RaxelStatistics iOS framework with CocoaPods rather than downloading the framework itself.

  • Navigate to your project folder in a terminal window.
  • Make sure you have the CocoaPods gem installed on your machine before installing the Raxel Statistics pod
This will create a file named Podfile in your project's root directory.
$ sudo gem install cocoapods
$ pod init
  • Add the following to your Podfile:
pod 'RaxelStatistics'
  • Run the following command in your project root directory from a terminal window:
$ pod install
Implement statistics calls
Import Raxel Statistics Module in your class
#import <RaxelStatistics/RaxelStatistics.h>
Call any method with your own completion
[[RSEntry sharedInstance] getDashboardWithCompletion:^(RSDashboardModel *response, NSError *error) {
  NSLog(@"your scoring is %@", response.ecoScoring);
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